“…a fallen world of the future, in which urban life
has descended into a hellish, nocturnal nightmare –
of tribalism, secrecy, insurgence and violence.
…the future is a socially fallen realm – a world of ghettoes,
tribal warfare, razor-wire…”

— Raymond Kennedy, Columbia University, speaking of Ramel

Ramel the Hell


…is a work of speculative fiction inspired by Andy Torres’ life growing up in the Gowanus housing projects of Brooklyn, NY in the 70s and 80s (a time of great unrest and violence for the largely black and latino population that still lives there to this day).


The fictional tale involves several warring factions seemingly trapped in a supercity called Ramel City, a massive metropolis made up of several smaller cities. The inhabitants of these cities battle each other against the backdrop of an oppressive system that isolates citizens in their own tribal ghettoes, leading the factions to eventually band together and attempt to take back their city from those that would control them.


Started over 20 years ago, Andy chose not to finish the project until he could find contemporaries that would help support the meaning and weightiness that began the project in the first place. Once he connected with Mr Haunt and Reed Reimer, the project started to gain steam and is quickly moving towards completion.


Andy, Mr Haunt, and Reed have been documenting the creation process through podcasts: from humble beginnings through influences, and dreams of what the final project will look like