Mix and Master Music Engineering Services


Our studios include the tools to record solo and small ensemble set-ups on a case-by-case basis.


With our experience and education, let our engineers turn your stems into a track mixed to industry standards.


Whether its for streaming, or physical release, we have the tools to take your track across the finish line.


Mixing (Per Track) —


  • Includes one revision
  • Up to 10 Stems
  • Additional $5 per stem

Mastering (Per Track) —


  • Includes one revision
  • Reference tracks accepted
  • HQ mp3 provided within 72 hours for approval
  • 16/44 WAV files included

Other Services

Vocal Tuning – $100/Lead vocal
Vocal Tuning – $20/each additional vocal
Audio Editing – $40/hour
Streaming Distribution – 10% of Stream Revenue
DDP for CD Manufacturing – $25



  • If you elect to have Fable Factory distribute your music, you will receive a 65% discount on services

  • Multiple Tracks are eligible for 25% discount