A Story of Loss

Cthulhu Dreamt

Cthulhu Dreamt is a concept project combining cinematic orchestral and synth hybrid music with various genres of metal, including djent, doom, death, and prog. AND NOW, the project includes a full TTRPG along with companion novel that not only expands the world, but also allows people to immerse themselves in it.


The band:

Reed Reimer – Composer, Guitar, Lyrics, Vocals, Programming, Story, Producer
Jake Myslinski – Composer, Guitar
Nathan Berntson – Composer, Producer, Mix Engineer, Guitar, Vocals
Ben Larson – Story, Composer, Keys
Chris Durston – Story, Composer, Lyrics, Keys
Leigh Underwood – Drums, Composer



About us

Beginning as a tribute to his late daughter, Reed created the acoustic track “A Thing With Wings” and quickly realized that the project was potentially going to be much bigger. Bringing in talented friends and creators, they began writing a project that will take the listener on a journey through the mind of a grieving parent and the process of their loss.

our goals

Create music that is inspired by dealing with uncontrollable human emotions; grief, depression, and loss.