...the shadow began to appear, somehow visible in the darkness,
it almost seemed to be glowing from the inside.


The Outlands was originally conceived on a random twitch stream, on a random night.
It RAPIDLY grew beyond a simple doodle one night and actually spawned into a full-fledged mock video game project. The Outlands is to be a part of this larger body of works for the studio. We’ve led the charge to make a project that we are truly proud of thus far. The project thus far is a multimedia piece combining art – both pixel animation and digital illustration – music, and story.

Mat Kaminski - Art Director

Mat has procured the role of Creative and Art Director – lending the project a certain visual aesthetic – as well as gathering up complementary talent to make sure that the project reaches a new level. As far as the animated shorts, he was tasked with created thumbnails for the timeline, and serve as the production scheduler to keep the project on a specific timeline.

Reed Reimer - Composer

Combining synthwave, chiptunes, lo-fi, ambient, and metal, Reed is building the sound world of the Outlands, in a format that easily translates into a soundtrack for the video game concept. In addition, he is responsible for any foley sounds as well as vocal acquisition and voice acting for any and all main characters for The Outlands.

Jamil Lawyer - Pixel Artist

To call Jamil simply, the pixel artist, is a bit of a sleight on his behalf, as he is also the animator, the game developer, and a huge conceptual artist. He has contributed more than simply creating the animatics for the music videos – he’s also one of the catalysts to making the project move on to the next level – the official game.