Part Comic, Part Short Story, Part Soundtrack… ALL AWESOME!


CodeBurst is a dystopian science fiction fable about Aubrey — a programming genius in search of her lost creation —
and Jamie — a man struggling to regain control of his life from the artificial intelligence that has taken him over.

CodeBurst is an immersive multimedia project utilizing an interactive soundtrack for use while reading through a short story filled with art and musical cues. The story itself, is a short story set in a near-future mega city, where amazing tech is commonplace, and the people who don’t have anything scrape to get by, while those who have plenty want more.


Original illustrations by artist Mat Kaminski bring the story to life throughout the book.

The image and logo you see on the cover are Mat’s creations. The poster was designed as an homage to Drew Struzan (the artist behind the iconic posters for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and other famous movies from the 80s).


CodeBurst: A Cyberpunk Soundtrack — A double album of music heavily inspired by synthwave, pop, and industrial music genres

Disc 1 – Songs inspired by the story that could exist in the world of CodeBurst

Disc 2 – Original Cinematic underscore created to accompany the book


Written by Ben Larson, Reed Reimer, chapter one begins building the world and the seemingly impossible mission that Jamie is on.
You’ll find interesting scenery, characters you might identify with and a lovable robot who’ll tug on your heartstrings.

Join us in our cyberpunk world.