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Reed is an award winning film composer and loves music and stories, whether it’s for film, video games, songs, or other media.

What drives Reed to work harder and inspires him is working with other wonderful artists and creating new worlds. A great example of that is the ongoing project CTHULHU DREAMT, which involves collaboration with many of the different folks contributing to Fable Factory, including Chris Durston, Ben Larson, Brad Fowler, Nate Berntson, and Mat Kaminski (to name a few)

Having played guitar for almost 30 years, Reed received his music composition degree, and immediately began scoring films and other media. You can see some of his professional credits on IMDB, but you may have heard his music on various podcasts, commercials, or ad campaigns.

He lives in Minnesota with his wife and twin girls, and if he isn’t writing music, creating stories, or developing life-long friendships with his project partners, he’s generally pretending to be some kind of creature for the kids to ride.

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