Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer

Hailing from the frozen north, Nathan is a multi-talented musician specializing in guitar, piano, drum, and vocal performances with a deep-seated love of all things Metal, Hip-Hop, and Pop-Punk. He is heavily involved in the Minnesota Metal scene and driven to get the best performance and results he can from other artists.

While spending time as a guitar instructor, Nathan became obsessed with the overall aural quality of his favorite records and wanted to learn the art of audio production and mixing/mastering in a studio environment so he could obtain similar results in his client’s recordings.

After graduating from the Institute of Production and Recording with a degree in Audio Engineering, Nathan worked on a variety of projects in music studios throughout Minnesota, Oregon, and Washington State as a mix/master engineer or as a session guitarist.

Becoming more involved in the studio required Nathan to become comfortable with troubleshooting issues with the technology used in production. Everything from the instruments, outboard gear, soundboards, various DAWs, plug-ins, drivers, computers operating systems etc. would have to be fixed to meet a deadline and he wanted to learn everything he could about it.

When not working on music, Nathan spends time hanging with his lady, mountain biking, and playing with his dog, King.