Writer, Musician, Enthusiastic Collaborator

Chris has sort of always thought that he ought to be a writer, but has only recently worked up the energy to do anything about it. Since publishing his first novel, Each Little Universe, in April 2020, he’s pretty much just spent all his time saying ‘yes’ to as many whimsical and cool-sounding projects as possible, which in hindsight he really ought to have known would mean he’d actually have to do things. He is a founding member of Skullgate Media, an independent writers’ collective publishing Tales from the Year Between: a truly collaborative series of shared-universe anthologies full of beautiful and bizarre pieces. His own contributions to TFYB, which he also helps to edit and produce (oh, and he runs a podcast about it), include a morality play, a hymn, a series of newspaper clippings, and a microfiction that’s really just a poor excuse to make a very bad dirty joke. Come to think of it, a lot of his life’s work has been some sort of excuse for a terrible pun, but it seems to have been worth it so far.

Chris lives in the South West of England, where he subsists on a diet of cider and ‘taters. He very rarely has any real idea what’s going on but has learned to just sort of roll with it.

For Fable Factory, Chris is the writer of Project: ANALOG HORIZON // DIGITAL SKY, a multimedia cyberpunk samurai cosmic horror project with several planned phases. The first, EDGE/CRASH,will hopefully be available for you to enjoy before too long; it will, we hope, be at least one of the best multimedia cyberpunk samurai cosmic horror projects you’ve ever experienced.

As with most of the things he does, Chris’s collaboration with Fable Factory came about from a whimsical exchange on Twitter: he reached out to Reed to say how cool he thought CodeBurst was, and then somehow he and Reed and Urich were making a thing together. See, the internet’s not all bad