Musician, Composer, Orchestrator

Brad Fowler began composing in his teens, banging out “angry” music on the piano, much to the consternation of his parents and siblings. He studied composition at university and has since written a number of works for film, theatre, and the concert hall. He had an excellent composition teacher and is lucky enough to have shaken the hands of some moderately famous folks. He credits growing up with the music of John Williams, Danny Elfman, and Tchaikovsky; Saturday morning cartoons; Superman; Star Trek; and seeing movies like RoboCop at a wildly inappropriate age for a substantial portion of “why he is the way he is.” More than anything, Brad loves learning as much as he can about music in order to create and explore it in ways he finds meaningful.

In addition to being long-time friends, Brad has collaborated with Fable Factory’s HMFIC Reed Reimer on The Chronicles of New Albion companion album, and has served as orchestrator for the orchestral recording sessions for CTHULHU DREAMT. He also recently began working with Neumation Music Publishing, whose goal is preserving culturally significant film music by producing high quality study scores from the original manuscripts, a thing he’s discovered he has quite a love for.

Brad currently resides in Wisconsin with his wife and daughter where, in his spare time, he can often be found watching Cardinals baseball and his beloved Liverpool Football Club; and making musical sounds through the intersection of electricity and knob twiddling.