Writer, DJ, Entrepreneur

Andy Torres is the founder of Mobius Theory, a Memphis-based brand that focuses on whimsical and surrealist designs for adults. His designs for t-shirts and accessories are meant to rekindle the awe and wonder we experienced as children. Andy is designer, website developer, DJ, photographer, writer, and creative entrepreneur. He was born and raised in Brooklyn and lives in Memphis, TN with his wife and family of cats and chihuahua.

About Mobius Theory: Andy started Mobius Theory with his wife Amanda. They both enjoy the surreal and curious aspects of life and art, and they bring this unique approach to the Mobius Theory brand. For them, Mobius Theory represents duality, balance, and imagination. As adults living in the 21st century, we have lost some of the wonder we held as children. Even many children are stripped of the freedom to explore and enjoy carefree days. Mobius Theory is about prioritizing play, fun, and experimentation as much as work. Everything about what we create has multiple meanings because it is crucial to maintain a balanced and eclectic life. We believe we owe it to our health to see both sides of the strip at once.